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Muukonsaari camping center

The main base of TaigaSaimaa is located at ecological Muukonsaari camping center, where electricity is obtained from the sun, heat from the firewood, and the pleasure of simple things. Here luxury lack is a luxury, you can do traditional things, give time for yourself and your friends in quietness and peacefulness.

Tour Center is located on Lake Saimaa, the waterway approx. 4 km from the Joutseno port, 15km from the port of Imatra and 25 km away from the port of Lappeenranta. The island has no connection to the mainland. By Motor boat from Joutseno harbor trip takes approx. 5min and 40min by rowing.

The island excursion harbor is always freely available to all, and can be reached also by a big boat. In summer 2018 there is a new barbecue place, canoe dock as well as lavatories near the coastline. Other area included sauna and cabins can be rented according to the price list. We ask people to respect for private events, and to avoid cases in the yard movement.

Services of TaigaSaimaa are ideally suited for a wide range of groups. TaigaSaimaa has organized successful events at camping center so bachelor parties, groups of friends, sports teams, as well as family homes. Wide yard offers good opportunities for a range of activities. There is a wide variety of gardengame equipments available to renters.

Large Sauna

Large sauna is pleasantly warm. When you throw water to the stove, pleasant water vapor powers your body. The sauna has room for 15 people. At best, a 25-person sports team has been able to take a sauna at the same time. Sauna building has a locker room with open fireplace for example finnish sausage frying.

The main house

In the main house there is a table of places for 30 people. From the main building can be found a kitchen, which is equipped with good cooking tools for larger groups. The kitchen has gas stove, wood stove and a refrigerator. The main house has solar power.

Summer kitchen

Summer kitchen is equipped with a large wood / charcoal grill, which can make meals for larger groups. Shed table seats about 16 people.


The camping center can accommodate a total of 26 people. The smallest cabin can accommodate 2 and the largest 6 people. Cooler weathers cabins are heated by iron stoves. Wide yard offers a good opportunity for camping, which can accommodate even larger groups in tents.


Sauna and cottages can be rented individually. The cottage renters have access to the dining area and grill facilities in the main building as well as affordable price of sauna rent.

You can also make reservations to use the whole area for a private use, which gives you unlimited access to all the cottages, main building, kitchen, summer kitchen and sauna.